The Peak Pilates Comprehensive Training Program provides a systematic approach that produces excellent instructors in the Classical Pilates Method.

Peak Pilates Comprehensive Trainings:
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Peak Comprehensive Level I
 Module 1 — January 30-31, 2021
 Module 2 — February 27-28, 2021
 Module 3 — March 27-28, 2021
 Module 4 — April 24-25, 2021
Please contact Clare Dillon-Palma with questions.
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Level 1 information

Peak Comprehensive Level III
 Module 1 — January 16-17, 2021
 Module 2 — February 13-14, 2021
 Module 3 — March 20. 2021
Please contact Clare Dillon-Palma with questions.
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Level 3 information

New - The Whole Woman Program

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Dana M
Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certified

I started working with Clare in 2007. I had practiced Pilates before, but the knowledge that Clare brings to her training is much more precise and complete. The changes I've seen in my body I did not get with any other form of exercise I've done. I feel she has given me a strong base to build my teaching on. I continue to see Clare twice a week, and I still learn every week.

Pamela L

Clare is a highly organized and effective trainer. She sets the standard for other teacher trainings. I learned so much from Clare and an grateful to have completed my certification under her.

Marion K

I started my career as a Pilates trainer a couple of years ago. To get my training and my certifications with Clare as a Peak trainer at Pilates of Greenville was the best decision I could have made.

Clare has a lot of knowledge and prepared us well for the certification! She always gave us honest feedback, without making us feel bad. Since English is not my native language the certification process was hard at times, but Clare with her patience believed in me and lifted up my spirits. Though I am living and teaching in Canada at the moment, I still travel to Greenville, SC for a certification, a workshop, or just for a session with Clare whenever possible. I would strongly recommend Clare to start a career as a Pilates trainer. I still love to do Pilates myself and enjoy teaching.

Allison J

My years training under Clare and the Peak Pilates program was a very positive experience. I learned so much during my time under Clare's instruction and am always eager to sign up for continuing education under her leadership each year. Clare has a gift in that she can effectively teach the material in a format that reaches a broad audience. I would highly recommend Clare to anyone who is interested in receiving their certification or taking private/group lessons!

Mary S

Completing the Peak Pilates certification with Clare was a challenging, but rewarding experience. She is very thorough with the content, and passionate about us teaching with confidence and integrity. The training weekends can be very intimidating, but after passing Level 1 and 2 I felt very knowledgeable and prepared heading into the studio. I'd recommend the Peak Pilates training with Clare to anyone who can put the time and dedication into it, as it is a very worthwhile commitment.

Tami C

Clare Dillon-Palma has been my personal pilates instructor for over ten years now. After many years of consideration I decided to move forward and become a certified Classical Pilates instructor and am currently going through the Peak Pilates Level III Comprehensive Training program in Greenville, South Carolina. I have been on the instructor training quest for the past year and a half with Clare.

The experience has been overwhelmingly positive for my personal practice of pilates and my teaching skills. The training program is extensive, thorough, and at times quite intimidating, but Clare not only makes it come to life, she delivers the information in simple, easy to understand segments, and her care for her students is sincere and plainly evident.

Clare is a master of patience and is clearly eager for her students to fully understand what they are doing so that they not only are successful in their own practice but are also fully capable, knowledgeable and safe when teaching others. She is generous with her time and knowledge, working tirelessly to make sure she addresses any concerns; and the teachers she trains are comfortable in their understanding and abilities.

I have had numerous opportunities over the years to see Clare work with many different personalities and skill levels. She is consistent, calm and a true positive reinforcement, welcome traits when anxiety and apprehensions run high.

Going through the training program with Clare has only increased my interests and passion with regards to pilates. She understands that studying Classical Pilates can be a challenging and intimidating process, and that students are often anxious about the methodology and demands placed upon them. I feel successful in my goals and accomplishments in large part due to Clare.s efforts and encouragement. Her devotion and care has provided me the ability to be triumphant and maintain the on-going desire to continue to grow in this field.

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Peak Comprehensive Level I

 Module 1 — Jan 30-31, 2021
 Module 2 — Feb 27-28, 2021
 Module 3 — Mar 27-28, 2021
 Module 4 — Apr 24-25, 2021

Peak Comprehensive Level III

 Module 1 — Jan 16-17, 2021
 Module 2 — Feb 13-14, 2021
 Module 3 — March 20, 2021

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