The Whole Woman Program

The anatomy of the female pelvis and placement of the female organs have been misrepresented in medical literature and in the medical community for a long time. What results from this misrepresentation are recommendations for treatments of female organ dysfunctions that do not work and often cause more problems including pain, incontinence and in extreme cases organ prolapse.

The Whole Woman Program is the only program that accurately depicts the feme pelvic anatomy and will help women of all ages naturally return to pelvic health without surgery or drugs.

In this 4 session Whole Woman course you will learn not only your true female anatomy, but also the proper posture and exercises to maintain this natural pelvic alignment. We will discuss the prevailing surgical and pharmacological treatments that are the norm and what other natural options you have. This not only includes posture and exercise but also how important a healthy, natural diet is to our pelvic and overall health. We will look at how proper female organ anatomy affects the structure and health of our hips and knees.

The main goal of this program is for you, as a woman, to know that you have control over your own health. You have the natural tools at your disposal to either return to or maintain the so important health of your female pelvis and the organs within.

Join me on this powerful, informative journey!

Contact Clare Dillon-Palma for upcoming dates
Location: Pilates of Greenville
12 Clarendon Ave, Greenville, SC 29609
Space limited-Max 6
Fee: $100

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