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3 Great workshops with Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt

Friday, November 2, 2018 11a-5p $230
Spiraldynamik® and Pilate
6 Peak CECss

Developed by an international research team led by Dr. Christian Larsen from Switzerland. Spiraldynamik® is a movement concept based on the evolution of human locomotion. Everybody has the full potential of optimal movement. Spiraldynamik® provides a model of movement to help each of us discover our own movement potential. In this workshop you will be introduced to the principles of Spiraldynamik® and how these principles can create a new dimension in your Pilates sessions.

Saturday , November 3, 2018 9a-6p $300
Reformer 9a-6p
You never have too much Reformer!!
8 Peak CECs

Using the Classical Advanced Reformer as the base for this workshop you will experience how the different Elders taught the exercises and why. We will also cover evolved variations and discuss how new knowledge does not per definition have to change the method. New knowledge and insights can be used to enhance the method and can help explain the method to the client. You will leave this workshop with a deeper understanding of the depth of the work and a historical and practical knowledge of the classical exercises from various perspectives.

Sunday, November 4, 2018 9a-6p $300
Wunda Chair (9a-1p)
4 Peak CECs

Joseph Pilates created different versions of his exercises for different people. Today the method continues to evolve and new versions are and will be created. However, we believe it is essential to know where it all started. What were some of Joseph's original versions? During their time with Romana Kryzanowska Michael and Ton had unlimited access to film, video and photo material that is now commonly known as the Archival Material. After studying the material Michael and Ton would ask Romana about the versions and exercises during their sessions and this often turned into a walk down memory lane for Romana as she shared her numerous insights with Michael and Ton. In this workshop you will experience and learn some of these hidden gems of exercises and versions on the Wunda Chair from Joe and his direct protégées.

Mat variations - classical and not so much (2p-6p)
4 Peak CECs

It can be hard to keep your mat classes interesting. You might feel the need to come up with "new" exercises and new versions. We often question ourselves: Are my clients getting bored? Most likely they are not, but just in this session we will cover how you can keep your classes interesting. Using classical variations directly from the elders in combination with new evolved variations based on research you can create a completely new dimension to your sessions and classes.

Michael Fritzke & Ton Voogt

Michael and Ton are internationally recognized Pilates Teachers, presenters, educators, consultants and innovators and travel the world sharing their knowledge and experience. Their main mentor was Romana Kryzanowska for whom they were Teacher Trainers for her original International Pilates Certification Program in NYC. During this time they also began their collaboration with Physical Therapists to integrate the Pilates method into patient-based therapy programs. In 2003 Michael and Ton resigned from Romana’s organization to pursue their own path. Together they developed and created - the TRIADBALL™ the first ball of its size created specifically for the Pilates method, The Pilates TRIADBALL™ Manual and numerous DVDs (commercial and educational). They have created and set up several customized independently owned and operated classical Pilates certification programs internationally. They are Distinguished Instructors for Pilates Anytime and their work can be viewed at Michael and Ton are the representatives for Spiraldynamik® based out of Switzerland in the fields of Pilates and Fitness in the US.


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Client Testimonials from Feburary 2013 Workshop:
  • Excellent focus with expert presentations and practical application. Each subject expert added value and important critical information
  • Loved the workshop. Can't wait for the next one
  • Most valuable workshop I have ever been to
  • Energetic, informative and historical yet contemporary application of pilates. Liked the spontaneity of the creative process and the practical case study
  • Very insightful and engaging material! The instructors were both enlightening & entertaining

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